Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Today's Quirk: the Block Brownie

The whole thing started out yesterday whith an half-ominous presence: my roomate was in the kitchen, stirring vigorously a pot on the stove.
Mind you, the ominousness (omenescence?) of it was not that Viola was stirring a pot, but that she was stirring a pot that smelled of chocolate.
Again, stirring a pot of chocolate is not necessarily ominous per se, it is just that said roomie never ever bakes. Or ventures with any kind of sweet concoction apart from tiramisĂș and Ovomaltine.

So there I was, expecting hot chocolate I suppose. Anyhow I trotted along with my evening, went out and as I came back, saw no trace of what said chocolate had become.
But the next morning, ta-dah! there it was: a large black pan of aluminum which contained a large black block of brownies. On top of which was:

"Nobody I repeat nobody ate my brownie. Now it falls on you – don't forget! Breakfast"

What happened next I can only recollect in a blur: I was hungry and I had nothing in the fridge waiting to be my breakfast. So followed Viola's recommendations: BROWNIES!

Not for once did it occur to me that if those brownies were there, there had to be a reason.
Not only they were black as pitch, they were also hard as marble.
No knife in our stingy collection could jag or scratch it, and yet I could not give up. Who is this brownie to keep me away from chocolate? No such thing could exist.

I was ultimately successful. I only had to apply sufficient pressure at the right angle and the monster snapped. I had a portion-sized brownie.

Sweet taste of success

Chewing it however, was another story. The interesting thing about this brownie was that it separated itself into its most basic components:
-fat (poodles of butter to be precise)

Mmmhh. Yummy.

Update: I originally had to dunk it in warm coffee to be perfectly edible. I recently found out that you can actually chew it. It actively digs a cavity in your mouth, though.

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