Monday, February 17, 2014

KolourPaint My Love

My Desktop. Brush on KolourPaint, 2014

Another mesh I have gotten myself into, remotely inspired by the ever so funny Hyperbole and a Half has been to pick up again a virtual painting brush.
Reasonably untalented at actually drawing something, I rescued my art grades in school by colouring and choosing colours. So you see, using a painting program is the perfect excuse – how is anyone supposed to draw well on a touchpad? – to be a child again, when MS Paint used to put me in a frenzy of filling shapes with punch-in-your-eye hues.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Vegan Cranberry Linzer Tart

In the wee days of my baking ventures there was one thing that I went berserk for: frozen shortcrust pastry. I loved it. Loooooved it.
Not so much because it baked beautifully, held its shape or had whatever other amiable properties a dough should have to be celebrated in the food blogging world. No, my fondness for this product was due only to the fact that I could snack on it in its purest unbaked, just-thawed form.

This partiality for eating raw dough is an innate trait I have inherited from my mother and to which I have resolutely stood by. Nothing could deter me, not salmonella, not even the threat of having flies in my belly from uncooked flour. The intense taste and soft consistency of any dough or batter is and will always remain unbeatable to me.

Friday, February 7, 2014

A Brownie Recipe. Or Two.

This is my first attempt at a serious culinary post, so please bear with me.

Since I first started cooking (I was around 14) I have amassed countless readings of Wikipedia articles about almost every food that has come across my path. This, doused with too many visits of food blogs and recipe websites would make my food knowledge short of legendary (Virginia, seriously?)
Said knowledge, however, translates in a fairly low read about to cooked recipe ratio.

How it usually ends

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Poetry in my Facebook's PMs

My friend Tom sent me this this morning:

Kitticus, oh Kitticus, 

Give me an itty-bitty kiss
cause the nitty-gritty is 
that this witty ditty is 
to say that soon I’ll pretty miss 
my beloved, silly, truly dilly 
 and all so giddy Kitticus.

Today's Quirk: the Block Brownie

The whole thing started out yesterday whith an half-ominous presence: my roomate was in the kitchen, stirring vigorously a pot on the stove.
Mind you, the ominousness (omenescence?) of it was not that Viola was stirring a pot, but that she was stirring a pot that smelled of chocolate.
Again, stirring a pot of chocolate is not necessarily ominous per se, it is just that said roomie never ever bakes. Or ventures with any kind of sweet concoction apart from tiramisĂș and Ovomaltine.

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

In which I should move my ass

Oh well here I am having a go at it again. Blogging and procrastination.
I excel in the latter and had small tentative tries at the former, but this time is different. It is always different when I try anew and the reason for it being different this time is the following: I am trying blogging as a way to compel myself to write my bachelor thesis. Simple, no?

No reason at all to show my view – for any concerns about my living conditions,
worry not: I live in a dorm