Tuesday, January 28, 2014

In which I should move my ass

Oh well here I am having a go at it again. Blogging and procrastination.
I excel in the latter and had small tentative tries at the former, but this time is different. It is always different when I try anew and the reason for it being different this time is the following: I am trying blogging as a way to compel myself to write my bachelor thesis. Simple, no?

No reason at all to show my view – for any concerns about my living conditions,
worry not: I live in a dorm

You may ask (assuming I have a broad and curious readership): why are you writing this post on a Tuesday at the end of January? Are you purposely slurring New Year's/Monday resolutions?
I am, in fact, not. It just happens that I have to kill time while waiting for my coffee to come up (salire in my mothertongue) and the idea of blogging has been lingering about my brain, so there you are.

Coffee has come, hehe, and now I go.
Let's see if this post has done a miracle.

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