Monday, February 17, 2014

KolourPaint My Love

My Desktop. Brush on KolourPaint, 2014

Another mesh I have gotten myself into, remotely inspired by the ever so funny Hyperbole and a Half has been to pick up again a virtual painting brush.
Reasonably untalented at actually drawing something, I rescued my art grades in school by colouring and choosing colours. So you see, using a painting program is the perfect excuse – how is anyone supposed to draw well on a touchpad? – to be a child again, when MS Paint used to put me in a frenzy of filling shapes with punch-in-your-eye hues.

Now armed with KolourPaint I can disdain advanced graphics and photo programs in favor of the playful simplicity of poorly edited pictures, both for practical purposes..

This is what I understand under "infographics"

and for artistic endeavors.

I no need no layers

A recreational use of such a program has brought back the sweet taste of creating perfectly straight lines and filling them uniformly with bright colour.


Use that quickly turned into pseudo-ambitious drafts for bed sheet art:

This was immediately dismissed

and heart-inspired art.

20 shades of red
Invert the colours!

Anyhow I'd better start practicing.

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