Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Poetry in my Facebook's PMs

My friend Tom sent me this this morning:

Kitticus, oh Kitticus, 

Give me an itty-bitty kiss
cause the nitty-gritty is 
that this witty ditty is 
to say that soon I’ll pretty miss 
my beloved, silly, truly dilly 
 and all so giddy Kitticus.

I have no fainting idea what nitty, ditty, dilly mean, which kinda translates that my comprehension of this piece of poetry is somewhat limited to the silliness and giddiness of it. (Oh my, am I really writing this?)

However it friggin' blew my mind.
For the following reasons:

  • Tom actually took up the task from me. I was complaining that I had a writer's block in composing a song for my kückchen Caterina (said Kitticus)
  • I love the childishness of it with all its little goldig sounds
  • it has a concept and a coherence behind it
  • Tom truly puts an effort in his English
  • I'll never be as good as he is

Now I'll just fuss about not finding the right melody to go with it.

That's right

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